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Mission Statement:

I am a photographer in the Chicago area who is passionate about my craft. I am formally trained, with a Bachelor's Degree in Photography/Computer Multimedia. I have photographed weddings, engagements, special events, products, and bands-- live and promo. I am skilled at photo retouching and restoration. Additionally, I am creative, original, reliable and well organized.

My band photography has been included in publications such as Going Underground- American Punk 1979-1992, American Hardcore- A Tribal History, Maximum Rock N Roll zine and Confessions Of A Chicago Punk Bystander. I was a participant in the Chicago Punk Music Scene of 1979 - 1986 and I published a zine called BS Detector. I once again became active in the Chi scene in 2006 and still enjoy indie music shows to this day.

This site has served various purposes over the years, it's an expression of the things that I find interesting. It started in 2006 with the purpose of displaying my photography and memorabilia of the 1980s punk music scene for old friends. I continued adding new photographs and other items to the site until it become exceptionally trafficked, receiving as much as 30,000 unique visitors a month. By 2009, my time to dedicate to the site was limited, so I scaled it back to simply serve as my photographic portfolio.

My interest currently is photographing and participating in social and economic justice rallies. My aim with the site now is to help facilitate these rising movements. In addition to photographing and displaying these events, I want to invite other like-minded people to post their own activist activities and events in the forum section. I would like to provide a centralized spot for interested persons to be able to find out about where/when actions and rallies are occurring.

This doesn’t have much in particular to do with punk rock music, it has more to do with what I consider to be my own punk rock ethos. I consider this belief to be the willingness to be able to stand alone, having the courage of convictions. If favorable conditions don’t exist, then create better conditions for yourself, the diy culture. Having a respect for the concept of work itself, respect for the sacrifice and challenges, a feeling of unity among the like-minded. And the desire to bear witness and be paying attention to the events of the times. That has been my experience of people involved in the punk scene, either standing for something, or resisting something else. That has also been my experience with those who are active in the social and economic justice movements.

In the past, this site served as a social experiment that brought the younger punk rock musicians and fans into contact with the founding generation of punk rockers. I think it’s good when people mix and mingle, it has a humanizing effect. When you get to know people—their issues become real, as your level of awareness increases. This time, I would like to see all types of progressive people come together to plan rallies and events that will facilitate the rising social and economic justice movements.

The main sections of the site are:

The Forum—general talk and news posts.

The Photo Gallery—a mix of photographs of social/economic rallies, punk rock shows and pretty much anything else.

The Blog—is a fictionalized story about a character named “Merry Average,” a low-wage worker for a corporate entity named “Meglo-Greed-Mart. The story chronicles some of the day-to-day situations that occur to those living this particular slice of existence. Readers are invited to submit their own stories for possible inclusion in the series of stories.

Please enjoy your visit to the site!

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