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I am a photographer in the Chicago area who is passionate about my craft. I have formal training; I have a Bachelor's Degree in Photography and Computer Multimedia. I have photographed weddings, engagements, special events, products, and bands-- live and promo. I am skilled at photo retouching and restoration. Additionally, I am creative, original, reliable and well organized.

I was a participant in the Chicago Punk Music Scene of 1979 - 1986 and I published a zine called BS Detector. I once again became active in the Chi scene in 2006 and still enjoy punk music shows to this day. My band photography has been included in publications such as Going Underground- American Punk 1979-1992, American Hardcore- A Tribal History, Maximum Rock N Roll zine and my own book- Confessions of a Chicago Punk Bystander. I am proud to say that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Library Archives included my book, along with the other two publications, to their physical collection.

This site has served various purposes over the years; it's an expression of the things that I find interesting. It started in 2006 with the purpose of displaying my photography and memorabilia of the 1980s punk music scene for old friends. I continued adding new photographs of current bands and other items to the site until it become exceptionally trafficked. However, by 2009, my time to dedicate to the site became limited and I scaled it back to serve as my creative portfolio. At this time, I am working on placing all of my creative endeavors into the site, old projects and new projects.

I have always been interested in social and economic justice and spent a few years photographically documenting McDonald's and Walmart workers protesting for better wages and working conditions. Those images are located in the Photo Gallery. Additionally, I have included an audio story called “Dysfunctional Entertainment” in the "Projects" section of the site. It was a piece I worked on when I was in college and I received the Weisman Scholarship for it. The story details the negative parochial school experience I had as a child, in contrast to the positive educational experience I had in college. The audio piece was recorded at The Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago.


Dec. 2015

Twelve of my punk rock photographs were accepted for inclusion in The Smithsonian Institution's Rock & Roll History website. This event firmly cements my own involvement, along with the pictured participants, into the archives of Rock & Roll history.

March, 2016

Four of my photographs were purchased by Pitchfork for use in a documentary titled "Yearbook Chicago 1984."

Several of my photos were included in the recently released documentary called "No Delusions."